Got inspired by this prompt. Holy shit do I love the idea. Soooo good~ 
I’ve been wanting to write some PTAT forever, so here it is! Finally.

Psychic Tracer's name is shortened to Psy, Arc Tracer is obviously shortened to Arc, but in case you didn’t know, there you go.?
also, convenient links in case you have no idea who these two even are.

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[NSFW ;; SoloAdd]

I was thinking about Add and hormones after joking with chibivaly about it a couple days ago, so I came up with this. holy crap i didn’t notice but we are the same age //high five!

I dunno if the Dynamo should be plural or if it’s sentient, but Add is supposedly psychic [??????] because Psychic Tracer and he created them so I dunno.

I liked writing this, though. >:3

it doesn’t have a title //cry
what am i doing with my life
also in case you don’t Els, are following me, and are wondering who the fuck Add is GET EDUCATED SON

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Untitled… thingy idefk anymore

I figure I might as well post this, since I haven’t posted anything in, like, months now.

Warnings for anal and female masturbation and I guess lolis apply but Min technically isn’t one so it’s kinda a gray area I dunno.

I’m reminded of when I found out about this weak spot myself lel

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So I made myself sad :: Min/Trae

I needed to get something out of my system, so I did.

WARNING: Character death ahead. If you don’t like sad feels, then don’t read.
Explaining death to a child who wouldn’t have a concept of said subject is likely the hardest thing an adult has to do.

I’m sorry, Dad. But thank you for helping me understand back then.

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Untitled ;; Traejan x Min

I wrote a thing but don’t have a title for it, oh well. It’s a quick one-pager I’m dedicating to my Trae.


This is also the first time I wrote near-straight smut without any sort of pretense, so I’m sorry if I left deets out or some shit. idk. I tried.

Trae wanted sex in an alley, I tried my best. Hoo-hah!
Castanic x Elin under the cut.

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Flyin’ Solo - Archwhil

I’m finally done picking at this wehweh. I was gonna delete the exposition, but I figure what the hell. I might as well post it, too, since I went through the trouble to write it.

Archwhil’s fantasy in this story never actually happened. For the record, Shi and Arch aren’t exactly dating, but as far as he’s concerned they are. 
He probably feels a little guilty about thinking about another woman. x3

Probably not.

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Conclusion ;; Celebration - UsaMin

"Though I knew I was going home, I hadn’t quite expected the warm welcome my family gave me upon walking in the door.

My mother and father had prepared a grand feast, fruits and vegetables of all kinds and from all places graced the table. I was slightly relieved that my father finally got over his “bunnies eat carrots!” kick; it was starting to get a bit embarrassing.

Mother explained that Commander Seir had sent her a letter, telling her of my exploits in Ostgarath and my battle against Samael. ‘Your daughter was raised well, and with so much respect!’ Father’s chest swelled with pride, and he clapped me on the back. He seemed surprised when I didn’t flinch; I guess my training has finally paid off~!

I can’t wait to show Traejan my home! …though, I wonder if he and Papa will get along? They’re both Castanics, so that’ll be an adventure. I’m sure Mama will take quite the shine to him; she’s already glowing with ‘my daughter is following in my footsteps!’ glee.

On second thought, maybe I won’t introduce him to my parents. At least, not yet.”

A little doo-dad to celebrate Min’s return to Pora Elinu. x3

Preview Two ;; Arch/Levi

More CastanicxHigh Elf lovin’ aww yeaah~
This time the story features Archwhil and Leviatynn, two of my favorite boys~ (…wait, I only have three, right? bluh, sorry Valdfel :c)

WARNING: MxM! No smut in this one yet, either, but there is a peen. :0

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Preview One ;; Trae/Min

Gonna post a couple of previews for stuff I’m writing before I play TERA tonight. :0

This first one is dedicated to my bb (since he kinda-sorta requested it).
His Slayer, Traejan, and his favorite Lancer, Min (if you follow bored-elizavetta, you know who they are~ ou o) discuss suprise boners and the surprise that comes after it isn’t quite a surprise.

WARNING: CastanicxElin. Don’t read if Elin’s being naughty makes you squick.
…though, there’s no smut in this quite yet.

The first half of this is nothing but re-written chatlog, but it’s golden. xD

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