adee/suika on the bus, lol

“Why don’t you take that shackle off? Isn’t it heavy?”

“My father once told me that an Oni’s shackle can only be removed by a woman he has fully dedicated himself to.” Suika’s voice was deep, and rumbled just as deeply in his chest.

Adee looked thoughtful for a handful of seconds. “Does that mean I can take it off?” She spoke softly, quietly. Her breath tickled the Oni’s chest, made him shiver with delight.

“I don’t know. I swore I would never let a woman try until she earned the right to be called my Mistress. But you? I’m willing to bend a bit; you’re certainly welcome to attempt it…” The challenge and lust in his voice didn’t escape the blonde, and Suika could only grin as he felt the young woman’s resolve melt away.

Loool, I’m writing this on the busssss